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10 things your consultant wants you to know

10 things your consultant wants you to know

1. Research is helpful! Calling ahead to check on shipping dates or checking on prices for gowns you like is always a good idea! Likewise, if you bring in a picture or two, or have some silhouettes that you know you want to try, your appointment will get off to a super productive start!

2. You’ll be happy you scheduled the appointment. It ensures you’ll have a consultant and a fitting room available. If you are a walk-in, we may or may not have availability to help you, and though she would love to be in three places at once, the consultant’s priority must be to those appointments that planned ahead of time.

3. Trust us! We are on your side, and want to help you find a dress you absolutely love! We’ve worked with many brides, and are proud of how much experience we can offer you. When it comes to questions about designers, sizing, styles, anything – we will give you the best, most accurate information possible!

4. Size is just a number. Speaking of trusting us…We know it is a little disconcerting that bridal sizing runs so differently from normal clothing. Brides and bridesmaids can be different sizes in each different designer. It truly is the dress – not you. Trust us to help you find the best size possible, even if it’s not what you usually wear.

5. You don’t have to get a white dress. Don’t get us wrong – a white gown is beautiful, classic, and timeless. But some brides are surprised to learn that there are many color options nowadays besides white! Ivory, café, gold, blush, rose, champagne, latte…the list is quite long!

6. Limit your entourage. You see it on all the T.V. shows where groups offer too many opinions, or disregard the bride’s feelings, and think that your friends and family would never do that to you. Well, unfortunately we see it happen all too often, and nothing breaks our hearts more than watching an appointment fall apart because a bride and her group are not on the same page. This can be easily remedied by bringing just two to three people whose opinions you really trust.

7. Please wear underwear. Yep, we had to say it. On a related note, we are absolutely un-fazed by you in your underwear if you would like us to help you into the dresses!

8. Alterations are very normal. We’re going to help you find the best size possible, and from there almost everyone needs some sort of adjustment to customize the fit, depending on how your measurements compare to the size chart. Also, most brides choose to add a bustle, and hemming the dress is also common.

9. Bridal gowns take a while to arrive. Generally, bridal gowns take about 5-6 months to arrive after the order is placed, and you’ll want to factor in two months for any alterations you may need to take place. So, in a perfect world, choosing and ordering your dress 8-9 months before your wedding ensures you’ll have all the options you could want! However, we understand that sometimes engagements are shorter, or there are extenuating circumstances, so ask us about the ways we can help you get a dress sooner. Which brings us to number 10…

10. Keep an open mind! Don’t put yourself in a box - many brides end up in a style they never would have predicted. When you first start out, ask your consultant to help you find a variety of silhouettes/detail. Then, if you don’t like something, you can say it with absolute certainty! And even better…you might find something unexpected that you LOVE!

Carly Garvelink